The Special Economic Development Zone of Mariel is a project directed to encourage the nation’s sustainable economic development by attracting foreign investment, technological innovation and industrial concentration while at the same time ensuring environmental protection. It covers an area of 465.4 square kilometers (180 sq. mi.), 45 Km. (28 mi.) west of Havana. It has been conceived as an integral and harmonic whole connected with the rest of the economy. The Zone promotes and protects enterprises, industrial, agricultural, metal-mechanical and tourism projects and all types of activities permitted by Cuban law that use clean technologies and produce added value goods and services based on knowledge and innovation, encouraging the creation of quality employment that intellectually develops human capital within an environment of safety and good professional practices. The Special Economic Development Zone of Mariel will be a touchstone for technological development in the region, a magnet to attract foreign capital and it will become a place that will provide for the growth of cutting-edge manufacturing and services that are permanently connected to the Cuban economy. Some of its objectives are: Attract foreign investment Achieve industrial development that permits generating exports and promotes the replacement of imports Promote the transfer of cutting-edge technology, know-how and managerial skills Generate new sources of employment and long term financing Develop infrastructures and services that allow providing an efficacious and efficient business platform, thereby contributing to the success of the investments being established there.


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The Zone is located at the hub of the Caribbean region and the Americas, at the intersection of the north-south/east-west axes of commercial maritime flow of merchandise. It is at the centre of a 1000 mile radius circumference that encompasses the principal ports of the region. A modern container terminal is already being exploited with 702 metres of docks, having the capacity and services to handle Super-Post-Panamax vessel operations, with modern equipment having a high level of automation for container handling, warehousing, connections and monitoring. The terminal is managed by PSA of Singapore, classified as one of the principal port operators in the world. There is a new roads network permitting inter-connections between the Zone and the Havana-Pinar del Rio Throughway and the Pan-American Highway.The Special Economic Development Zone of Mariel is a zone within Cuban national territory that is not delimited with customs demarcation. It is a zone where special regimes and policies are applied for the objective of promoting sustainable economic development by attracting foreign investment, technological innovation and industrial concentration, with a view to increasing exports, effectively replacing imports and generating new sources of employment, in constant combination with the domestic economy. Since this is not a Free Zone for the processing of merchandise, there are no quotas requiring that producers established in the Zone set proportions or mandatory limits of sales destined for local markets and for exportation.


Construction is rapidly being carried out on railroad lines and on repairing and extending other existing rail lines, thereby permitting the Zone to connect with the national railway network in order to guarantee moving merchandise to any point in Cuba, as well as moving the work force from the capital. Conditions are in place to ensure that stable drinking water can be supplied to all investments that are being executed in the Zone. Power supply is ensured by a network of modern sub-stations, with three entry circuits that permit dealing with any contingencies that may occur due to meteorological reasons or unforeseen disruptions. The Zone has a communications system interconnected by fiber optics and backup radio linkup. In the future we foresee the installation of a communication center connected by fiber optics backing up its networks. Encouraging the transfer of cutting-edge technology is among the Zone’s objectives, not exactly high-tech or state of the art technology, but necessarily implying the use or transmission of clean technologies. This leads to Cuba’s technological updating, to the Zone’s environmental sustainability and subsequently to the Zone’s efficient operation with positive impact on the rest of the country. Attending to the foregoing and also considering the defined jobs for each of the areas making up Sector “A” where work is already going on, it is inferred that the priority should be given to companies working intensively with clean or high technologies.


Documents required when applying for establishment as Concessionaires or Users of the Special Economic Development Zone of Mariel (Article 9, Decree-Law No. 313)With no border limits, both the enterprises inside the Zone and those outside are on national territory, therefore relations between them will be typical inter-enterprise relations with contracts serving as the instrument for regulating work between the two. Written document signed by the authorized person explaining reasons for being interested in applying for establishment as Concessionaire or User; Applicant incorporating documents, copy of financial statement for the last period and bank reference; Certification in the Mercantile Registry or the equivalent public registry that accredits the validity of the applicants registration with these bodies, issued no more than six months previous to the presentation date of the application; Powers of attorney accrediting the applicant representation in corresponding cases;please contact Bussiness Center "Pelicano" 3rd floor, Sector A, Zona Especial de Desarrollo Mariel, Artemisa. Cuba You can ,aswell,contact us directly at info@zonamariel.org for further information.We are here to facilitiate the process of your future investment at Zona mariel.


Proportion of Cubans and foreigners who may work in a joint enterprise or in any of the types of foreign investments. Like all countries, Cuba supports the practice of covering positions for specialists and for other categories by nationals whenever possible, taking into account the case of Cuba where there are many highly qualified workers. Managerial positions or those for which there is no qualified Cuban personnel may be covered by foreign personnel. One has to keep in mind that one of the objectives for creating the Zone is the generation of employment. Excellent geographical location Facilities and installations ensure national and international connections, such as: modern containers terminal equipped with cutting-edge technology and the conditions permitting the operation of post-Panamax ships, airport facilities in the Zone and its vicinity, connections with all of Cuba by road and rail and communications infrastructure.


Speedy authorization procedures for establishment in the Zone Investors are accompanied on a permanent basis right from the pre-establishment phase and during establishment in the Zone -OneStop Sh op System looks after processing all applications, licenses, permits and authorizations, significantly simplifying formalities and terms for the investors Special and Incentive Regimes of benefit to investors Possibilities of contracting qualified work force in a wide variety of specialties, Proximity to the principal scientific and university institutions in Cuba.There are no regulations .Concessionaires and Users will contribute to the formation of a Development Fund for maintenance of the Office and its common areas; there will be a quarterly payment of 0.5 % of gross revenues in each trimester, in the operational currency of the enterprise. When Concessionaires and Users have no revenues in a business year, they will make an annual contribution to the Fund of 600 CUC.


Please contact directly the Office of the Special Economic Development Zone of Mariel Legal Domicile: Bussiness Center "Pelicano" 3rd floor, Sector A, Zona Especial de Desarrollo Mariel, Artemisa. Cuba Telephones: +53 47390240 +53 47390241 Email: ventanillaunica@zedmariel.co.cu Lutfen daha fazla bilgi icin info@zonamariel.org a email gonderiniz.






Yabancı yatırimlar vasitasiyla teknolojik yeniligin bu bolgede toplanarak ülkenin ekonomik kalkınmasini teşvik etmeye yönelik bir projedir. Bolge 465,4 kilometrekarelik bir alanı (180 sq. Mil.) kapsar ve Baskent havanin 45 km batisinda yer almaktadir


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